Summer fall registration register for summer and fall on the same day!

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  • What is Summer/Fall Registration?

    SRJC is making it possible for students to register early for Summer and Fall Classes! This allows students to plan ahead and register for two semesters at once.
  • Who Qualifies?

    Summer/Fall Registration is open to all students enrolled at SRJC, but will benefit students with an educational plan the most. They will already know which classes they need to take if they're following their educational plan and making academic progress. Students who are eligible for priority registration can access their registration dates in their student portal.

When will I be able to view the summer and fall class schedule?

View the Priority Registration page for the current schedule.


How will I know if I have priority registration?

Students can access their priority registration dates by checking their student portal.

Can I still see a counselor early and get early bird priority 3?

Yes, students in Priority groups 4 and 5 should meet with their counselor before The last Thursday in March to obtain Early Bird Priority 3 registration.   

When will I get to register for classes?

Priority registration begins April . Therefore, students need to check their student portal in late March 2019 to view their registration priority date and time. If you are not assigned a priority registration date register during open registration


When do I have to pay for my classes?

Students can register for summer and fall at the same time and defer their enrollment fees.


Will the Promise Grant (formerly BOG Fee Waiver) be available in time to register for summer and fall?



Does registering earlier mean the bookstore will have the textbooks available earlier for purchase?

The bookstore will begin to acquire textbooks as soon as our faculty submit their requirements for an upcoming term.  The bookstore has a vast online presence, and works with several vendors to ensure books are available as quickly as possible. After registering, students can determine if the bookstore has their textbooks in-stock by visiting one of the bookstore websites.

Santa Rosa Campus:  Petaluma Campus:


When can I get my student ID card?

Students who register for summer or fall in April, can obtain their student ID card at the Student Life Office: Students can also pick up validation and activities fee stickers for both semesters.


When may I purchase and receive my parking permit for summer or fall?

Summer and fall permits will be available for purchase during the registration process. Summer permits will be mailed after payment is received or available for purchase in person. Fall permits may be paid in advance but will be mailed in mid-July and available to purchase in person after that date.


I am on academic probation 2 or dismissal.  Will I receive priority registration?

Students on probation 2 or dismissal may not be eligible for priority registration. It is recommended that students meet with their counselor to determine their eligibility. Students without priority registration may register during open registration.


I have taken over 100 units at SRJC.  Will I receive priority registration?

Students with 100 units or more completed or in progress may lose priority registration. However, it is recommended that students meet with their counselor to determine their eligibility.


I am currently a high school student, and plan to take classes at SRJC before I graduate.  How will summer and fall registration affect this?

All high school dual enrolled students with the appropriate forms on file with Admissions and Records will receive Priority 6. High school students must complete the Online Application for Admission and the High School Dual Enrollment Request Form, indicate the terms (summer or fall) and classes that they wish to enroll in. For more information about high school dual enrollment, please visit:

Will a student who graduates from high school in May or June be able to submit their AB 540 Form 2 to 3 months before graduation for the Summer/Fall registration period?

Students who meet the AB540 requirements, should turn in the AB 540 form to Admissions and Records prior to their summer and/or fall registration priority in April.  Students may also submit the AB540 form to Admissions and Records after graduation from high school. 


If a high school senior has not heard if they are accepted at a university, or they have not decided on whether to attend SRJC, should they still register for classes for summer/fall in April?

Yes, it's best for high school students to reserve a seat in classes just in case they decide to come to SRJC.  Students don't have to pay any fees right away, and if something changes, they can drop the SRJC classes before school starts with no penalty.  


Will classes still have waitlists?

Yes, many classes will have a wait list. Students can reserve a seat on a wait list during their priority registration or during open registration.

Can I appeal if I do not receive a priority registration appointment?

Yes. An appeals policy and process is available for students who:

  • Lose enrollment priority due to extenuating circumstances-documentation must be attached.

  • Are enrolled in a high unit major.

  • Are disabled and applied for but did not receive timely reasonable accommodations-requires approval from the Disability Resource Department (DRD) Dean.

  • Are disabled students who must have priority to meet ADA accommodations-requires approval from the DRD Dean.

  • Demonstrated significant academic improvement but are still on academic and/or progress probation or dismissal.

Students may petition using the following form: Priority Registration & BOG Fee Waiver Reinstatement Petition.


Can I register for a course if the prerequisite course is a class I am currently in but have not completed yet?

Yes, if a student is currently enrolled in the prerequisite course at SRJC, they may register for the next course before final grades are posted.  Beginning with summer and fall registration, if a student is taking the course at another college, they will need to submit a Prerequisite Equivalency Form, attaching proof that they are currently enrolled in the class. Students will be required to provide an official transcript once they have completed the course at the college. Once grades are posted for the current semester, students will be dropped from the course if they do not pass the prerequisite class with a grade of “C” or higher or if they fail to provide proof of course completion at another institution before the semester begins.


What’s the first day I have to log into my online class?

It’s critical that you log into your online course on the first day of classes. Your instructor needs to see that you are active and prepared to start work right away in order to avoid dropping you for non-attendance. You’ll find a link to Canvas, our course management system, in your student portal.

For additional FAQs about priority registration go to: